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Stock image of a laptop computer with womens hands and ChatGPT on the screen

Use ChatGPT to Convert Lists to Structured Data

Having trouble importing data into Excel? Ever have a list that you want to convert…
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What You Need To Know About Google’s Recent Announcements

As expected, Google execs took the stage in Paris this morning to announce updates to…
Microsoft logo on the side of a building

Microsoft Integrates ChatGPT Into Its Bing & Edge Products

Microsoft is using OpenAI's GPT technologies to supercharge the new and improved Bing. But ChatGPT,…
Parrot.ai logo with imagery symbolizing conversation, meetings and people
Parrot.AI Review: A Free Tool With Few Compromises
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Google Collecting AI Opinions from Employees & Outsiders
Microsoft Expected to Announce Bing-ChatGPT
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Google Announces ChatGPT Competitor
Writing With Jasper.Ai Review
Daenerys Targaryen, Harry Potter, and Taylor Swift headshots, made with generative AI & Stable Diffusion
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Unlock the Best Results From Stable Diffusion