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Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an internal memo to employees, announcing the need for all hands on deck to test Bard, a new ChatGPT rival.

Following the unveiling of Bard earlier today , Pichai told employee’s in a memo that they would be expected to test the application starting next week.

Per the segments of memo published by CNBC:

“Next week, we’ll be enlisting every Googler to help shape Bard and contribute through a special company-wide dogfood,” and “We’re looking forward to getting all of your feedback — in the spirit of an internal hackathon — more details coming soon,”

“Dogfood” is a tech industry term for internal product testing.

Pichai confirmed in the memo that the company’s head of search will be “sharing progress” at the Paris event scheduled for Wednesday.

Google’s interest in feedback appears to also be extending to its userbase.

In screenshots viewed by gptAppStore, the company has been soliciting ChatGPT feedback via Google Opinion surveys.

Among the questions Google is collecting from users via the survey:

    • Have you ever used ChatGPT before?
    • How often do you use ChatGPT?
    • Can you provide an example of a specific task where you have used ChatGPT?
    • Based on the example mentioned above, how would you rate the performance of ChatGPT?
    • Based on the example mentioned above, please explain your rating of ChatGPT performance
    • Based on the example mentioned above, compared with ChatGPT, how much more or less helpful did you find Google Search?


Screenshot of Google Opinion Survey

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