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Microsoft is hosting a news event on Feb 7th rumored to address the company’s partnership with OpenAI.

The event follows Microsoft’s $10B deal with OpenAI to become its exclusive cloud provider.

Microsoft is expected to announce progress on the integration of ChatGPT with Bing at the event.

Some Bing users have already spotted a new chat section with a chatbot-like UI.

Microsoft refers to this integration as “the new Bing” that will provide “complete answers” to real questions.

The company is also planning to deploy OpenAI’s models into its consumer and enterprise products. Tomorrow’s announcement could include details on OpenAI’s expected integration within Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Teams Premium already features OpenAI technology.

The event comes one day before Google’s scheduled Paris event and one day after Google announced a competitor to ChatGPT.

Microsoft has no plans to livestream the event but will likely issue a flurry of press releases with the announcements.

Screenshot of the New Microsoft Bing Experience
Screenshot of Chat based interaction with Microsoft Bing

Screenshots of an early test version of Microsoft Bing. Featuring the new Bing Experience (Top) and a chat-based interaction feature (bottom)

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