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– Online word processing editor
– Powerful Shortcuts
– Surfer SEO & Grammarly Integration
– 60+ Templates (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, ad copy, email copy, and headlines)
– Chrome Extension
– Good for multiple users / teams
– Surfer SEO & Grammarly Integration
– Not afraid to be a little bit racist


– Abundant options can be intimidating
– Limited integrations
– Not as many templates as some competitors
– Requires payment information to try
– More expensive than some competitors
– Not afraid to be a little bit racist

An incredible GPT implementation for users who write often

Jasper.ai is a worthy contender in GPT text generation tools. While some of its outputs don’t seem quite as polished as results from ChatGPT, the app is more willing to take risks, get things wrong, and potentially offend. Personally, I prefer the more conservative approach that ChatGPT offers since results are a bit more consistently reliable. However, Jasper’s ability to interface directly into any text box in a web browser (via a chrome plugin) or allow writing of long form content via its ‘Boss Mode’ document editor adds convenience of integrating the experience within content creation. Unfortunately, the document editor doesn’t allow for zooming to view page length, but that’s a minor inconvenience as it displays an ongoing wordcount in real-time. Additionally, the app offers an abundance of features; It will take some time before I have the opportunity to try them all. The templates I’ve experimented with so far, act almost like step by step forms for completing a task. For example, their blog post template guides the author to create a title, than an introductory paragraph, and so forth. In practice, I found these tools to not be incredibly helpful. In practice, most writers don’t necessarily write in a linear way. A title that I write before writing an article might later need to be changed to better reflect the content. In this way, the tool is helpful for generating a first draft, but less helpful for revisions. What I like most about the tool is the ability for it to draft the next line (or paragraph) of content based on the preceding content. In practice, I’ve come to love this feature, although the results are not always 100% the outcome I was hoping it would generate. The team is constantly adding new features to the application so I expect this review will likely evolve over time. Additionally, because of the breadth of the existing offering, it will take some time for me to thoroughly test the application’s existing features, but expect to do so in the coming weeks.

Jasper.Ai Chat

Jasper AI screenshot of generative AI document editor and chat feature

Jasper AI offers a chat feature similar to ChatGPT that can be easily accessed while editing document. This comes in handy when needing help with references, ideas, or rephrasing during the writing process. Jasper’s chat takes ChatGPT one step further with the ability to pull in recent informationĀ  from Google and provide up to date information. In testing, this feature is helpful for quickly finding sources, but cannot be totally relied upon as it has a tendency to produce incorrect information.

Jasper.Ai is willing to go where Chat GPT won’t

Chat GPT


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